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Hey lovelies!

For the past couple of weeks, I've been trying out a few products from the Joico Curl range, and I'm absolutely in loooove with the wonders it's doing for my curls. 

Joico is a salon loved hair product brand, with a bunch of ranges from my fave curl range to amazing colour options (I'll be coming back to that in a new post shortly, keep an eye out for that here!)

All the products in the curl range are packed with a three-pronged approach to managing and repairing your lush locks:

  • Triple-oil complex - each of the products is filled with Avocado, Babassu & Camelina oils, to help nourish every strand.
  • AquaLastik - this is a thermal protector that uses flexible resins & a bunch of deep-sea minerals to enhance your curl memory. If you need to get that curl patterns whipped back into shape, then this is defo for you.
  • Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex - if you've got damaged hair from heat or colouring, then you need to jump on this. This complex not only helps repair your hair when you're using the product, but also continues damage repair around the clock. Healthy curl time? Yaaaaass.

To start with, I give my hair a good scrub with the Cleansing Sulfate-free Shampoo.

Unlike most shampoos, this doesn't leave my hair feeling super dry and tuggy after washing. Instead it's like it's already been conditioned, which is honestly such a blessing. I can also feel my hair detangling while I shampoo, and with type 3C hair, this is like a miracle in a bottle.

Next up, the Curl Nourished Conditioner.

If I thought the shampoo was on point, then you already know I'm in love with the conditioner. This not only makes my hair suuuuper soft, but makes it so so easy to brush through and fully detangle. Not something easy to achieve, yet here we are!

After towel drying a little, I work in some of the Curl Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler.

If you've got curly hair, then you know then you know the trouble with trying to control frizz and keep your curl pattern in check. This styler structures your curls while you work it in, and helps to keep in all the moisture between washes. Not to mention it keeps your curls looking fresh and frizz free for a whole 3 days, which is perf!

Between washes, I spritz a bit of the Curl Refreshed Reanimating Mist in my hair.

This works wonders in keeping my hair frizz free and keeping my curls on pooooint every day. It gets rid of any bobble marks too when I want to restyle a bit, making my life a million times easier. It also smells amazing which is a definite plus!

Using all these products together has my hair in better condition that I'm pretty sure it's ever been - even with having coloured and bleached it a lot.
Even if you just use one or two of these, it's guaranteed to up your hair game, so I'd v v much recommend giving the Joico Curl range a try!

*these products were sent to me for the purpose of reviewing. View my disclaimer for more info!



  1. it sounds wonderful! Would love to see a photo!

  2. I've recently started trying to take better care of my hair, and mine's naturally straight! I can't imagine how much tougher it is to tame curls, but I bet your curly hair just looks gorgeous after using these products!

    Saffron x


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