Staying Motivated With Depression


Depression is something I've personally suffered with for a good few years now, not to mention the anxiety and everything else with it.

At it's best - it's something you can work with, just kind of lingering in the background and allowing you to get on with life.

At it's worst - it's life consuming, toxic, and makes everything ten million times harder.


During more difficult times, productivity and even doing what you love feels like a chore.

No matter what you're doing, you get that motivation is a huge part of being able to produce something you don't hate.

Because staying motivated is hard enough without depression weighing down on you, it's good to have a few tips up your sleeve to help with staying motivated when things are kinda rough.

1. Do as much as you can when you feel able. This is the best time to optimise your productive output.

If you've got your productivity up when you're feeling alright, then when you fall into a slump chances are it won't be as bad.
If I've been doing nothing while I'm feeling up to getting on with things, then everything's even more difficult when I feel really down.

2. One thing that I can't stress enough is look after yourself. 

Taking care of yourself is one of the best tips I can give you for getting/keeping yourself motivated. If you struggle to stay on top of your basic needs, then it feels beyond impossible to keep on top of anything else, especially motivation.

If you want tips on how to look after yourself, you can check my self-care post. I wanna help look after y'all ! !


3. Something to reaaalllly remember is that you don't have to do it all yourself! 

You don't have to motivate yourself all the time, or try and figure it all out on your own. Needing or wanting help is not a negative thing.

Ask for tips and help from people around you. Or even just some affirmation. It's great to affirm yourself but sometimes you just need that extra push telling you you're doing well.

4. One of the best motivators there is is pride. Being proud of what you've done spurs you on to do more of it. 

If you start something, or manage to finish it, let yourself appreciate what you've done and let yourself be happy and proud about it.

Especially if you're feeling bad, appreciating that you've managed to do something productive will make you more likely to want to keep on going!

botanic garden

When it comes to staying motivated, it's never gonna be easy, but the satisfaction you get out of staying productive enough to come out with your best work is one of the best things!

If you need or want any help or any more ideas, or affirmation that ur doing great, then send me an email or tweet me. I'm always happy to help u out!

(I also hoped the calming pictures of a cute day at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens would help u stay chilled out while reading this, so here's hoping that worked!)




  1. Aaa I miss my blue hair! I really liked this, Ci. I think another one for productivity/motivation can be planners/calendars/diaries but that's maybe for another time? It might also be cool to have a post about mental health related self care your loved ones can get in on!!! Love you

  2. I 100% get where you're coming from, depression I think has been quite a big part of my teenage and adult years, even if I don't think it's there. It's like someone's constantly holding you back and not letting you step forward. But sometimes I realise that the person is actually me. That's the hardest part when you've got to try and fix yourself.

    Great post!

    Saffron x


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