How To Get Clear Skin

Having clear skin is honestly goals, but honestly seems harder to achieve than becoming a millionaire.

There's an endless amount different skin care tips out there on different routines and products to stick to, as well as how to lead the perfect  lifestyle to get clear, glowing skin.

If you're anything like me, these things can go right over your head, or they're just not feasible - whether that's to do with time, money, or something else.

To make things a bit easier for you (and myself),  I've compiled a lil list of simple ideas and tips that help to get your skin looking beaut without taking up half of your life and blowing your entire month's budget in a week - for most of them, you can just use the products you already have!

1. Wash your face before you brush your teeth

It's really easy to just forget to wash your face if you're tired or busy. But not washing your face  just allows oils and dirt to build up a lil layer over the day or night. Oil is good, but not cleaning this layer built up from the daily grind is gonna cause too much excess and basically kick-start your next breakout.

Washing your face before brushing your teeth helps get you into a routine, and stops you forgetting to do it more often!

2. Don't use makeup wipes when you can avoid it!

When you're home from a night out or a super tiring day, then go ahead and use a makeup wipe if you're not up to anything more, it at least gets most of your makeup off!

But otherwise, makeup wipes are defo a no from me. Although you can see your makeup or a bit of excess oil coming off on them, they're not actually cleaning your face.

Instead, they're basically smearing all the dirt and oil and any little bits of makeup around your face and into your pores. It's kind of like using a face wash but then not rinsing it off afterwards.

3. Take a leaf from the book of Korean skin care routines.

While the full Korean skin care routine can take a while, there's certain parts of it you can pick out, so it's pretty adjustable to how much time and energy you have!
I don't know how this magic works, but honestly Korean skin care has a one up on most other routines.
If you wanna be extra fancy, you can pick up some cute lil cleanse-mask-moisturise packs from OhK!

4. If you've got oily or combination skin, stop using products that dry your face out.

If you use harsh exfoliators or face washes that strip your face of all the oils (including the natural ones), then it'll feel good straight after you've washed it, but by the next day, your face will feel even oilier than before.
When you dry your skin out, your skin's like 'woah, hold up', and will just produce more to compensate.

Instead of this, try using an oil based wash or gentle exfoliator. This will cleanse your skin just as well, and it will stop your skin feeling like it's got to produce extra oil. It's a win win tbh.

5. Don't drink as many sugary drinks

I'm not gonna say to never have a bottle of cola again, because if we're being honest and realistic - not gonna happen. When I'm craving it, I find myself hovering of the same letter on my keyboard for 5 minutes bc I'm thinking of getting cola.

But try to cut down a bit. If you have two bottles of the fizzy stuff a day (even the zero sugar stuff, it ain't good for ya), then try only having one instead. Swap it out for a good ol' cup of diluting juice - if you're in the states or some other wild place that doesn't have Robinsons, then have some water, or any drink that's not loaded with sweeteners and sugar.
Too much sugar causes breakouts y'all.

6. If you're wearing makeup, make sure ur being clean w it.

If you're someone who wears makeup a fair bit of makeup, then you're sure to have at least a few bottles, palettes, brushes and blenders.
Not to scare u, but if you don't clean all of these regularly, then they're pretty much gonna become a hotbed for bacteria.

The best way to avoid this is just to do simple things like giving your brushes and blenders a quick wash in warm, soapy water once a week,  and wiping down all your bottles and palettes, to make sure there's no excess makeup building up around the edges.

Of course having a nice n healthy lifestyle with plenty of water, exercise and fruit and veg is ideal, and will help your skin loads (I've been going to the gym regularly for the past week and my skin is looking better already!). Buuuut, these lil things that you can incorporate to the routine you've already got will help improve your skin by miles, so it's defo worth trying out.

I'd love to hear if you've already tried any of these things, and what does and doesn't work for you, so let me know!



  1. There's some really good tips here! I'm doing my best to get clear skin, but as soon as I'm doing good, acne creeps back in :( I definitely need to stop with the fizzy drinks. They're just so damn tempting though

    Vicky x

  2. Talk about really great routine tips! I do have a love hate relationship with makeup wipes and mostly use them when necessary but I tried these E.L.F wipes recently that aren't too shabby and I believe in micellar water lol. I really want to try some Korean masks, they look so lovely. :)

    xx Lena |


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