Staying Motivated With Depression


Depression is something I've personally suffered with for a good few years now, not to mention the anxiety and everything else with it.

At it's best - it's something you can work with, just kind of lingering in the background and allowing you to get on with life.

At it's worst - it's life consuming, toxic, and makes everything ten million times harder.


How To Get Clear Skin

Having clear skin is honestly goals, but honestly seems harder to achieve than becoming a millionaire.

There's an endless amount different skin care tips out there on different routines and products to stick to, as well as how to lead the perfect  lifestyle to get clear, glowing skin.

If you're anything like me, these things can go right over your head, or they're just not feasible - whether that's to do with time, money, or something else.

To make things a bit easier for you (and myself),  I've compiled a lil list of simple ideas and tips that help to get your skin looking beaut without taking up half of your life and blowing your entire month's budget in a week - for most of them, you can just use the products you already have!


2018 Self Care Goals & Tips

Hey lovelies - it's been quite a while since I posted. I've been feeling pretty uninspired and demotivated the past while, but I'm finally back with some fresh inspo and ideas.

First off, Happy New Year! I hope u had a good one and ur feeling nice n refreshed after the festive period.

Coming into 2018, one of my top resolutions is self-care and self-love.
Especially at this time, it's really easy to be hard on yourself. You feel like you should be hitting the gym 24/7 and making your life and mindset instantly better.

I'm v. guilty of this myself. The whole 'new year, new me' thing is grating, but it still niggles in the back of my mind.
Ofc it's okay to want to improve, but it's rly important to remember that it's not just going to happen straight away.
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