Super Easy Skincare Routine On A Budget

We’ve all heard a million times how important it is to look after your skin. And of course sometimes you can’t help but roll your eyes at the myriad of products that add up to hundreds of pounds you’re expected to buy to keep the breakouts at bay and stop your skin from getting too oily or dry.

Whilst I’d love to be able to grab every skincare product I could possibly think of, like most of us, I just can’t afford it. Sigh.
So, I’m here to help you look after you skin on a smaller budget, and keep ya beautiful face looking it’s best.

It's something we all know we should do, but sometimes we just can't be bothered - but washing your face is the most important place to start.
Yeah, I get it - it’s been a long day and you just want to fall into bed and pass out, but please wash your face first. Especially if you’re wearing makeup. Trust me, your skin and self-esteem will thank you for it. 


If you’re wearing makeup, you’re gonna want to take it off first so you’re not just smearing it all over your face.

I like to use the Superdrug micellar water, which is really effective and also nice and gentle on your skin. It's also only a few quid which is pretty sweet.

Alternatively, warm up a bit of coconut oil in your hands or melt in a little dish and rub it all over your face before wiping it off, along with your makeup (even waterproof) with a cotton pad.


No makeup? Makeup off? Perfect. Time to scrub up and get that face nice and clean.

I absolute adore the Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity exfoliating face wash. It’s got Jojoba scrub-beads and a whole load of vits in it, and leaves your skin feeling super clean and refreshed. Plus it takes off any remnants of makeup, and is specially formulated for oily/combination skin. Honestly, just a 10/10 all rounder.

Another fave of mine, if you’ve got the time for it, is the Hot Cloth Cleanser. I use the Superdrug one, but to be honest, you can use whatever Hot Cloth Cleanser tickles your fancy, I just love this one - plus it’s very cheap which is a winner.

The Cleanser formula is really smooth and buttery, and gives your skin some deep moisture, working wonders on those dry patches.

Then there’s the muslin cloth. These might just look like flimsy pieces of flannel, but they’re honestly amazing. They exfoliate and polish your skin, helping to deep cleanse your pores and take away any dead skin cells, whilst feeling lovely and soft and warm on your face. I always feel incredibly clean afterwards, and my skin looks fresh and radiant.


I know it seems like this is a lot, but by this point it’s usually only taken me a few minutes!

The next step and the simplest - toner.

My personal fave ever and likely not to be replaced by anything is the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water. It comes in a little spritz bottle so all you have to do is scoosh a few pumps onto your face and you’re done.

The tea tree has antiseptic qualities, so this toner really helps to calm down any current or lingering breakouts, and even out your skin tone, while leaving you looking, feeling and smelling nice and fresh. What more could you want?

I also adore the Pixi Glow Tonic, which I had just before picking up the Lush Toner Water.

This helps to even out skin tone really well, and smells lovely. It’s got a million things in it that work wonders to help give you a fresh, clear complexion, including moisturising, exfoliating and firming ingredients.

This is more towards the higher end of my budget, but I would definitely recommend picking this up if you can!


In terms of moisturising, this is something that I only tend to do in the evening, because my skin can end up looking like a frying pan halfway through the day if I use it in the morning, no matter what moisturiser I use. Not very cool.
I prefer thicker moisturisers, as they definitely give you a less greasy finish and sink into your skin much better.

Even though it’s not a face moisturisers per se, I am in love with the Lush Dream Cream. It’s a moisturiser filled with calming and soothing ingredients like chamomile and cocoa butter. Plus, it’s infused with lavender and Turkish rose, which is perfect for bedtime.

And that’s pretty much it for my quick but super effective and cheap skincare routine!

The only thing I’ve got left to add is my most treasured skincare item of all time - the Muddy Body Detox face mask.

This little beauty comes as a powder in a bottle, which you just have to take a teaspoon of and add a couple drops of water to activate!
It’s completely natural, filled with activated charcoal, witch hazel, dead sea clay and bentonite clay. You can look at the full list (there’s only a few more!) here. I definitely recommend you do.

I pop this lovely mask on my face once a week, leaving it on for about 15 minutes. The carefully selected ingredients draw all the impurities out of your face and chase away your breakouts, whilst making sure you're not dried out.

This mask has cleared up even the worst of acne and drastically reduces my blackheads, making my complexion flawless. You can definitely notice differences after only a couple of uses.

Each bottle lasts for about 3-4 months depending on how much you use it, and is amazing value for money, so seriously, get your hands on it!

You can also use my code REMLUPIN10 to get 10% off any Muddy Body purchase! Worth it? Duh.

I’m definitely one that’s known to be awful at keeping up a good skin care routine and then complaining and wondering why my skin has gotten bad again. Having this routine in place has made things a lot easier for me thanks to keeping things simple, and my skin looks so much better for it too!

My whole skincare routine takes on average 5 minutes, so there’s definitely time in the day to keep a good routine up when it comes to your skin. Plus, you can do it for cheaps so get on it!

note: All the products I didn't have pics for are linked in the text so have a look at them to check them out in more detail along with their prices!

Until next time lovelies!

Cienna xo

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