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Quick note: I’m not including brow, eye or lip makeup in this. This post is all about the base of your face, from primer to highlight!

From being a makeup artist, to just someone who likes to put on a little bit of makeup here and there, knowing what products work best for you is super important.

It definitely takes a little bit of getting to know your stuff - from your skin type to different brands and what will work well with your skin - but it’s 100% worth it! Wearing makeup that feels good on your skin makes you feel better on the whole and can be a huge confidence boost.
‘Okay… But I don’t have enough money/time/will  to try out all these different products, so?’
I hear you. Makeup isn’t cheap - especially if you’re shooting higher end. Plus, the idea of wasting all that makeup, even if it’s really not working for you, is a grimace-worthy thought. 

Luckily, more and more people are reviewing their makeup online now. There’s a lot of blogs and posts that can help you figure out what makeup’s going to be good for you. Having a little flick through reviews will definitely help you settle on what you want to go for and save money, as well making things generally easier for you in terms of shopping around!

I have combination skin, so for me one of the most important things is wearing makeup that doesn’t dry my skin up and doesn’t increase the appearance of little dry patches or make me look like a frying pan!
The products I’m going to chat about are a few of my favourites when it comes to putting my face on that hopefully will help you out if you’ve got a similar skin type! 


Kiko Milano Matte Face Base  

This primer is great for moisturising and prepping your face, leaving it feeling smooth and ready for the rest of your makeup! It helps to clear up any dry spots and prevents cracking or peeling when applying foundation. Another great pro is that is that it helps to conceal any imperfections. 

Retails for £9.90 on kikocosmetics.com




Kiko Milano Skin Tone Foundation

foundationSkin Tone foundation is super lightweight with medium coverage, and makes you feel like you’re not even wearing makeup. Perfect for drier skin, this foundation contains a moisturising formula that helps your skin stay hydrated for up to eight hours, which is great if you’re out and about all day! As well as keeping your skin hydrated, it also
contains sunscreen, so it’s perfect for all weather conditions! 

Retails for £15.90 at kikocosmetics.com



NYX cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer

Unfortunately, being one of those people who constantly has dark circles under my eyes, having a concealer with great coverage is key. The Dark Circle Concealer has orange pigment in it which helps to counteract those stubborn dark circles (a bloody blessing!) and also contains coconut oil to keep the skin moisturised. It’s basically a miracle in a pot. 

Retails for £6.50 at Boots


NYX  Wonder Stick

The Wonder Stick is a double ended contour and highlight stick. It’s great to have two-in-one and makes the whole process easier when you don’t have to root around your makeup bag to find both. The cream formula makes it great for keeping your skin hydrated and helps to conceal any stubborn blemishes. It applies nice and easy and is super easy to blend!

Retails for £10 at Boots


I’ve got two faves for this one, maybe I’m a little obsessed with highlight but who isn’t?

highlight 1 
Kiko Milano Radiant Touch Stick Highlighter

This highlighter is perfect for a subtle but radiant touch. It’s a super creamy formula enriched with jojoba oil and high pearl content which keeps the skin moisturised while giving off a beautiful glow in either gold or rose shade. 

Retails for £9.90 at kikocosmetics.com

highlight 2
Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder
I use the shade Iridescent Gold, and I am in love with it. For real. The pigment is incredible and gives your skin an amazing golden glow with only a quick brush of the product. The formula is super lightweight and builds well, making it the perfect all rounder!

Retails for £3 at Superdrug and muastore.com


These two are coming under the same title for me because my fave product encases both in one tiny palette, and it’s amazing.


Sleek Makeup
Bronze Block

With this little palette holding three different bronzing shades along with a blush, it’s everything you need! The product blends into skin flawlessly and gives a lovely glow with little shimmer particles. It’s lightweight and long lasting, keeping your skin looking great all day!

Retails for £7.49 at sleekmakeup.com and at Superdrug

That rounds up all the products I use to build up the base of my looks! As noted, I’m going to do another products post, so keep a look out!

Hopefully this has been helpful for you, and if you’re interested in any of the products, the links are below!

Contour & Highlight
Kiko Milano Highlighter
MUA Highlighter
Bronzer & Blush

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