Fave Makeup Products (Face)


Quick note: I’m not including brow, eye or lip makeup in this. This post is all about the base of your face, from primer to highlight!

From being a makeup artist, to just someone who likes to put on a little bit of makeup here and there, knowing what products work best for you is super important.

It definitely takes a little bit of getting to know your stuff - from your skin type to different brands and what will work well with your skin - but it’s 100% worth it! Wearing makeup that feels good on your skin makes you feel better on the whole and can be a huge confidence boost.
‘Okay… But I don’t have enough money/time/will  to try out all these different products, so?’
I hear you. Makeup isn’t cheap - especially if you’re shooting higher end. Plus, the idea of wasting all that makeup, even if it’s really not working for you, is a grimace-worthy thought. 

Luckily, more and more people are reviewing their makeup online now. There’s a lot of blogs and posts that can help you figure out what makeup’s going to be good for you. Having a little flick through reviews will definitely help you settle on what you want to go for and save money, as well making things generally easier for you in terms of shopping around!

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